7 ways to get glowing, Luminous Skin

To reveal an ever-brighter face every morning, here are five practical, quick, and smart tips to apply everyday…

Hydrate regularly

It is a fact: the skin - to be soft, supple, luscious, and protected from skin aging - must be generously and regularly hydrated. Ideally, this gesture should be repeated twice a day, the ambient air - especially if it is cold and dry - has an annoying tendency to cause an insensible loss of water. Chronic dehydration can cause dry skin, tightness, dull complexion, flaking, and even fine lines, and wrinkles. The reason why it is therefore essential to compensate for this water loss with suitable care; fluid for combination to oily skin, richer and smoother for normal to dry skin, especially in winter.


To display a radiant and refreshed complexion, the skin needs to be regularly relaxed ... The right tempo? Five minutes of relaxation a day. The right moves? On a clean face, apply your daycare in small touches, with your fingertips, on the cheeks, forehead, and neck. Without forgetting the neckline, a fragile area which is too often overlooked. Then, we make the product penetrate by making large circular movements, from the inside to the outside of the face, then we finish by slowly sweeping the face in large gestures, from the center to the outside. As a final touch? The eye contour is tapped with the tips of the fingers to stimulate and revive the blood microcirculation.

Carefully remove make-up

Whether the skin is made up or not, it is necessary to rid it of all the impurities which have accumulated during the day. To get rid of sebum, dead cells, dust, and traces of pollution, we follow a well-established routine: first, a make-up removing oil to melt the makeup pigments (fat attracts fat), then a foaming gel to remove residues remaining and finally a lotion to refine the result. A tailor-made program that scrupulously cleans the skin, ensures optimal regeneration at night and avoids many inconveniences (clogged pores, blackheads, small pimples, etc.) to allow the applied care to be better absorbed (and, ultimately, their assets to activate better).

Beauty from within

The one who has everything? HELIOCARE, an anti-aging food supplement that targets the problem at the source and delivers its targeted nutrients directly to the dermis, at the level of the deep layers of the skin; where the collagen and elastin fibers are concentrated, essential elements for youthful skin. Targeted efficacy that allows you to go even further in care and to complete the action - more local because it acts mainly in the epidermis - of care creams.

 Boost your natural Glow

To awaken the radiance of the skin, we put on a very specific make-up tool, the complexion highlighter. A concentrate of freshness and light, bursting with mother-of-pearl, to apply to all areas in the shade: the curved cheekbone, the brow bone, the hollow of the chin. For the

application, it is your choice. In light fluid, it mixes with the foundation (a few drops are enough); as a stick, it is applied as a final touch, after the application of a base and a foundation; in powder, it is placed in a halo, with a large brush, on the skin unified with CC cream.


Cleansing the skin is an essential step in the beauty and well-being routine for your face. And this is an important step to have a luminous complexion. Because of pollution, too much make-up ... the skin accumulates residues which prevent it from breathing and it then loses its radiance.

However, you will not be able to cleanse your face with just any cleanser. It should be chosen according to your skin type.

This is the first step in your facial skincare routine for brighter skin.





There are a great number of masks on the market. In addition to the ingredients that vary, now we see that even the shape of the masks has changed. Between the fabric masks, the thick masks to be applied with a brush… You can quickly lose your mind.


For a brighter complexion, opt for masks packed with vitamins. And yes if our complexion is more beautiful in summer it is partly thanks to the sun and to the fact that it provides us with vitamin D. If you see the words "carrot, lemon, honey ..." go for it and find the luminous complexion that you had at the edge of the Caribbean sea !!

Finish off the day with a good serum


Serums are new in our beauty routine. I'm sure you must have heard of the Fasali brand Unicorn Essence Serum, which has been buzzing on social media recently.

The serum is a treatment full of active ingredients that provides deep hydration of your skin as well as restoring radiance. If you used it before your usual cream, it is for you!

Its fine texture allows you not to leave a greasy film on your skin. But will restore brightness and radiance to your skin.




So if you want to regain your skin glowing with light, remember that it all starts with very clean skin and ends with well-hydrated skin.

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