The best yoga poses for back pain

Back pain is considered the disease of the century. Many people live with back pain every day. They can be localized in the cervical vertebrae (cervicalgia), the thoracic vertebrae between the cervical and lumbar (back pain). Without forgetting the most frequent area, the lumbar. Low back pain affects 84% ​ of people during their lifetime. Lumbago can occur after a wrong movement or intense effort.

Do you have lower back pain? It is surely a low back pain ... and it is very (very) frequent.

Health professionals keep repeating: to relieve back pain, it is important to practice physical activity. Certain exercises are recommended such as swimming, rowing, or pilates which will strengthen your back. 

Yoga relieves back pain 

Yoga is also a great activity for saying goodbye to back pain. It is a gentle practice that has the advantage of instant relief. Certain postures are to be encouraged and good news: they are easy to perform! To practice at sunrise, before leaving for work or returning home, you can chain them or accentuate those that particularly relieve you.

1. Cat pose

Also called Marjariasana, the cat pose allows to relax the back as a whole, from the nape to the lumbar passing by the shoulders. This position aims to soften the spine and instantly calm the pain.


How do we do it? Stand on a yoga mat, on all fours. Spread your legs the width of your hips, your knees aligned with your heels, your feet relaxed. Place the wrists at shoulder level. While inhaling, dig the back without forcing, looking upwards. Then exhaling slowly, the back rounds, and tends towards the sky, the head goes into the shoulders. Repeat and take 5 breaths in all.

 2. Downward facing dog 

Adho Mukha Svanasana, or head-up dog pose, stretches the entire back and tones the spine. 

How do we do it? Stand on all fours as if you were starting the cat posture. Inhale then while exhaling, plant your toes in the ground, press your palms, stretch your legs and arms. Your back should be straight, hands wide apart on the floor. The legs can be slightly bent for beginners. Relax your head, relax the back of your neck. Take five deep breaths. 

3. Cobra pose 

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana strengthens the spine and the muscles that support it. It relieves pain localized in the neck and tailbone. Bonus: it tones the abs! 

How do we do it? Lie on your stomach, legs slightly apart. Point your toes, place your hands on each side of the chest and then inhale, lift your upper body until the belly button no longer touches the ground. Look up.

 4. Upward facing dog 

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana pose works gently on the back, spine, chest, and abs. The back is relaxed. 

How do we do it? As with the cobra, lie on your stomach, legs slightly apart. Point your feet, place your hands on each side of your chest, and lift your upper body to your thighs. The arms are extended. Only the feet and hands are in contact with the ground. The back should be as straight as possible. Hold the 5 breath position. 

5. The twist 

The twist or the Ardha Matsyendrasana, keeps the back muscles relaxed. 

How do we do it? Sit cross-legged (put a foam brick under the buttocks for beginners). The left foot is positioned next to the right knee. Your right-hand grabs the left ankle. Then look behind you. Repeat by reversing the members.

6. Child’s pose

It instantly relieves back pain. You can practice it at the end of a workout or independently of a session.

How do we do it? Sit on your knees, these are glued. Glue the upper body to the knees. Do it is on the floor or, if you lack flexibility, on a foam brick. Depending on your feelings and your pains, place your hands in front of you or on either side of your body. Release and take 10 deep breaths.

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