10 wardrobe staples to have in your closet before 30

Clothes you have tons of. Sweaters, dresses, boots, blouses ... Your wardrobe is overflowing with pieces, each more canon than the next. Along with your love for beautiful things, you have an eye for clothing and accessories that stand out and that are out of the ordinary. As a result, if you won't have any problem pulling a silver lamé jacket or red leather pants out of your closet, you're a little poor on the basics.

After all, you are shopping for fun, not for a white shirt and black pants. And yet, without the basics, it's impossible to create an outfit that is both modern and timeless. Let's take a look at these 10 essential basics that every woman must have in her wardrobe before blowing her 30 years!

1. A trench coat 

The trench coat is the most obvious mid-season jacket. He has survived the decades without taking a single wrinkle.

But did you know: the trench coat, or literally “trench coat” was the clothing of soldiers of the First World War. Moreover, it was Thomas Burberry who designed the trench coats for English soldiers. Since then, the small military brand has grown into one of the most famous luxury labels in the world.

Often worn in a neutral color (beige, mastic, or nude), the trench coat is the jacket that everyone should have with them in fall or spring. Windbreaker, sometimes waterproof and undeniably trendy, it sculpts the silhouette thanks to its belted waist and sculpted shoulders. Our favorite remains the beige trench coat but we also love it in khaki or flamboyant red.

2. A little black dress 

Chic, elegant, refined, and above all very simple, the little black dress is the ally of all women's wardrobes. Day or night, the little black dress is a style chameleon that any woman can enhance with the help of accessories or a few drops of perfume.

Coco Chanel is credited with its creation, who is 1926 imagined a short dress with simple lines and dark fabric. Today, the little black dress takes many forms and multiplies endlessly.

3. A nice pair of heels

If Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton agree on anything, it's the importance of owning a timeless and sophisticated pair of pumps. Neither too high nor too low, we choose our black or nude pumps to be able to wear them every day.

They go with everything, its comfortable and have the pointy toe but not too much. A marriage? A formal ceremony? A date where you want to play the femme Fatales? They save us from all situations!


4. A white shirt 

Because it’s a staple and looks just as good with casual jeans as it does with a tailored skirt, you absolutely must have a white shirt in your wardrobe! It is also very practical in winter, worn under a knitted sweater for a preppy anti-itchy wool look.

We choose it neither too tight nor too loose and rather in a flexible fabric that we will not have to iron every 4 mornings. Avoid models with frills and prefer a basic white shirt that you can then accessorize as you wish.


5. Blue jeans

Jeans are the go-to pants you can wear for any occasion, and even in the office if the company dress code allows it. Your favorite basic jeans are neither too baggy nor too skinny because they should be comfortable and wearable for any occasion.

Avoid the waist that is too high or too low and opt for medium, timeless, and that you combine as much with a white shirt as with a mesh sweater or a sophisticated top. When it comes to color, forget about heavy washes in favor of a classic medium blue. For the length, our favorite at the moment is the 7/8 jeans that reveal a bit of the ankle.


6. A cashmere sweater 

You own a lot of knitted or sweatshirt versions, but the essential for an adult wardrobe is the cashmere sweater. This goat wool is both light and super protective. Soft and shimmering, cashmere is the ultimate luxury knit. We particularly like it for its ability to warm us up while remaining thin and flexible.

The cashmere sweater is therefore the ideal garment in winter as in mid-season!


7. A blazer jacket

Both masculine and feminine, the blazer jacket is the androgynous piece that you buy with your eyes closed! At the office or the weekend, it can be worn casually with simple skinny raw jeans or more chic with black straight pants or a pencil skirt.

In recent years, the blazer has become much more than a basic, borrowing its codes from fashion: leopard prints, Prince of Wales checks, velvet… The blazer has many faces today.


8. A silk blouse

If the white shirt is essential, the silk blouse is just as much. Less formal, it remains elegant and timeless. Wear it with pants or a skirt for the office or a big occasion like a wedding. This time, allow yourself more original patterns and colors than white.

Short or long-sleeved, the silk blouse flatters any figure, and there's nothing to be overlooked!


9. A tweed jacket or coat

Popularized by Coco Chanel, tweed is now dusted off by it-girls who swear by its chic carded wool.

Straight from Scotland, tweed is now worn in different forms, but the jacket and coat remain our favorites. In winter, tweed promises to keep you warm in style.

10. A pair of sneakers

Just because you're 30 doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to sneakers! On the contrary, sneakers have never been as trendy as they are today. If in the early 2000s we never thought that sneakers would be worn in the gym or the city, we can say that we were quite wrong.

Comfortable, stylish, and versatile, today they are essential basics for any self-respecting fashionista. You just have to choose the right pair for you. From the simple pair of white Stan Smith to the ultra elaborate Yeezy and Balenciaga, the hardest part will be to choose!

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