5 reasons to adopt Kourtney Kardashian's natural skincare habits

Go back to simpler formulas, inspired by plant life ... many brands are doing it so that your skin benefits, at each stage of your beauty ritual, from the benefits of plants, fruits, vegetables.

Plant sprays to prepare the skin for treatment

This fall, they are available in more natural versions, to prepare our skin for care, but also to protect it from daily aggressions. In their formula, the flower of the butterfly tree to fight against the effects of pollution or blue light from screens, Himalayan salt that would limit the effects of electromagnetic waves, flower water sakura for its ultra-refreshing properties, floral waters to soothe and awaken dull skin.

How do I use it? Some allow you to better fix the ingredients of your day cream or your serum. They are applied before the treatment on clean skin. Others function as protective shields: this is the last beauty gesture to make before going out. In all cases, these mists vaporize 20 cm from the face.

Balancing masks for detox or repairing effect

The decoctions and ointments of yesteryear were composed of essential or vegetable oils, plant extracts, and minerals ... Formulas that we rediscover today in masks that highlight a natural ingredient. Whatever your skin type, you too can bet on a specific ingredient to rebalance it in record time.

Does she need comfort? to you the wild mango butter. Does she need to be soothed? turn to aloe vera. And if he needs a purifying detox, prefer charcoal, incomparable skin perfector ...

How do I use it? If it's a cream or gel mask, apply it on damp skin. With a fan brush, it's even easier and more pleasant. Leave on for the indicated time, about ten minutes in general, and rinse with lukewarm water using circular movements. If it’s a peel-off mask, just peel it off slowly when dry.

Youth creams for targeted anti-aging action

Now, to meet this or that specific need: wrinkles, spots, etc., laboratories can extract precise molecules from plants. Thus, some red berries, such as organic raspberries, rich in antioxidant vitamin E, bring an immediate healthy glow effect, argan oil restructures the skin, argan pulp firms, and plumps ...

These labs are also used biotechnologies, by creating plant active ingredients from a piece of plant, yeast, or bacteria. You can thus find vegetable hyaluronic acid in certain care formulas, peptides or polysaccharides of beet, with tensor effects.


How do I use it? In the relay of your usual care, on clean skin, emphasizing the relaxed and marked areas. You can also perform an invigorating massage with small pinches.


Sublime oils to meet all the skin's needs

Nourishing, regenerating, protective, they can do almost everything ... because unlike a cream, a bottle of oil contains 100% active! They are found either pure, like argan oil or jojoba, or combined with other oils. We, therefore, benefit from a synergy of actions: antioxidants, protective, moisturizing ...

Do you have combination skin? do not panic: many so-called "dry" oils offer rapid absorption and some of which, such as hazelnut oil, is non-comedogenic. With them, the skin regains a plump and plumped appearance, the complexion becomes rosier, thus making it possible to regulate a lack of hydration or an excess of sebum in a few minutes.


How do I use it? Place 3 to 5 drops of oil in the palm of your hands, heat slightly, and apply to the face and neck by lightly touching the flat of the hands.

 Natural serums to preserve your skin's barrier 

In these versions, you will find both formulas close to traditional serums with almost aqueous fluid textures that penetrate quickly, as well as oil versions combining vegetable and essential oils, chosen for their moisturizing, lifting or regenerating properties.

Some even combine the two skills, traditional serum, and essential oil. Inside, treasures: extracts of organic saffron with powerful antioxidant power, anti-wrinkle rosehip vegetable oil or even revitalizing dune immortelle extracts.

How do I use it? The serums complement the action of your day or night care. They are applied to clean skin. Smooth a few drops from the center of the face to the contours and neck.

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