Best Wedding Guest Books

For all the bride and groom who want an extraordinary guestbook, here are some examples of original media to keep a beautiful imprint of your wedding guests as a souvenir.


The best memories of your union are the ones you will keep in mind. The images, scents, wedding speech lyrics, and the day's sensations will never leave you as will the photographs that capture the magical moments of an original wedding. However, there is one more way to keep memories of your wedding day quite different: the guestbook.


So that your guests can express everything they have to say to you, do not forget to prepare a special area reserved for the guestbook.

You will reread their messages as often as you flip through your photo album, whenever you want to relive your beautiful event. Until now known as a notebook, we offer other writing materials for your guests.

A wedding guest book doesn't have to be traditional anymore. The classic form of the guestbook has adapted to changing trends and tastes in wedding matters. I am the first to be delighted! Of course, its primary purpose is to capture the wishes of the guests. Because yes, let's not kid ourselves, standard guest books tend to be put aside in a shelf or exiled in a modest storage box ...

while the sweet words of your guests could be an integral part of your decor. !


This is why I offer you original and stylish wedding guest book shapes beyond the classic format: pen + paper.


If you are one of the newlyweds who want to shake-up standards and habits, surprise your loved ones with these new guestbook formats:


Envelope wall

Hang as many envelopes as there are guests on a board. Like a letterbox, your loved ones will insert thank you messages, kind words, and their thoughts on your bridal shower inside them. When your event comes to an end, you will collect all the envelopes that you can keep in a box and store next to your photo album.


Puzzle pieces

Buy a wooden puzzle to paint, mix up the large pieces in a box that you will make available to your friends on D-Day. Have them draw one and write their messages on it. Once your event is over, you will have a great time putting together this great puzzle that speaks about you. Above all, take the time to read every little word, every text of love. If you like the result, display it in your living room.


Custom cards

You can also, print cards with blank text and distribute them to your guests to fill in the different spaces. This will make sure you keep pretty souvenir cards to go with all your wedding stationery. Plus, you'll be sure to get the information you want from your guests: what they thought of you when you first met, where they came from, and an adjective to qualify your party, for example. So nothing will escape you and no one.


Fingerprints tree

Instead of the traditional guestbook, prepare all the necessary materials for your guests to draw a footprint tree as you go! With their fingertips, they will create a pretty picture that will remind you of their presence on your beautiful day. You won't have to store it in the back of a drawer if you frame it! They should remember to put their name around their fingerprint so you can identify each person who was by your side.



What if your modernized guestbook helped decorate your wedding party? What a good idea! Place a polaroid on a table and a sign with the instruction "Take your selfies and hang them on the wire with a clothespin." Stretch several ropes over your souvenir corner so that your loved ones can display their photos and all of your guests’ photos can be admired by all. If you still want a quick wedding phrase from them, have them write a note on the back of the photo about your celebration.


A Garland station

Also to decorate your reception, prepare a garland using a long ribbon on which you will thread several paper boxes. Put the garland in a basket, ensuring a nice presentation. In turn, your guests will leave you a note on each card and when everyone has participated, you can display the garland in the room or outside in the gardens of your reception area.



Tree of notes

Choose a tree with beautiful branches. At the foot of the tree, place a bundle of small perforated labels and wire. You will understand, your guests too, it is on these that your loved ones will write their impressions and their encouragement. They will eventually hang them all over the tree, which will look great. If you have chosen a rustic wedding decoration, this is the perfect option for your guestbook!


Photobooth catalog

You don't have to avoid the classic book at all costs. You can simply change the directions, replace the writing with photos, or want both. In that case, pair the wedding photocall animation with the guestbook by locating them both nearby. After going through the photo booth, your guests can keep a copy of their photo and dedicate another copy to you which they will stick on the pages of your souvenir notebook.


Box of secrets

Each message from your guests is personal and unique. It would even be interesting to keep them secret and not to read them again until well after your party. You can then refuse to display the photos and small papers that your friends have prepared for you and set up a shelf or box to collect their little notes away from prying eyes. It’s also a way of encouraging them to write something more intimate.


What if the typewriter that adorns the guestbook table worked? You know, the one that gives your wedding venue a vintage feel but is only there to be admired? Chances are, your guests will be excited to write you a typed little letter. This is all about finding an idea that appeals to them and invites them to write to you. For you, it is also a very nice memory!


Paper planes

Paper planes are another original DIY guestbook idea that everyone young and old will love. Just ask your guests to write notes on sheets of paper and fold them like paper planes - you can even ask them to toss them in the air when you leave your reception venue in the morning after the party. !



Wedding Globe

A superb decorative object which will then proudly sit in your home, personalized by each of your guests. I love the idea!


Our favorite Guest book classics involve :


Rose Gold Guest book

Each guest will be able to leave you a message with this elegant white guest book with rose gold "LOVE" inscription.

This guestbook will be an essential element on your wedding day. Consider matching your decoration with rose gold elements for a trendy and elegant wedding.


Wooden Guest Book

Indispensable to keep a memory of this magnificent day, ask your guests to sign this light wood guest book decorated with a pretty floral pattern and the words "guest book" written in white. This guest book is ideal for a rustic, chic, Bohemian-style wedding!



Photobooth inspired Guest book

This photobook has a beautiful kraft cover and golden inscription "Photo precious moments".

This guestbook is made up of 22 blank pages of thick "Canson" type paper. The book's sturdy binding allows you to glue your event photos onto each page using a glue stick or masking tape.

This kraft album will be perfect during a "photobooth" activity, each guest can leave you a note next to their photo!


Floral design Guest book

Indispensable to keep a memory of this magnificent day, ask your guests to leave you a nice note on this guestbook! The guestbook is white, it is decorated with a floral watercolor effect pattern, golden geometric shapes, and the words "guestbook" handwriting. This guestbook is ideal for a bohemian style wedding or even a country baptism!


Customized guest book

We fell in love with this magnificent customizable "flower crown" wooden guest book!

This large book consists of a square wooden cover, 30 thick white glossy sheets, and a metal ring binding. It is decorated with a flower crown with your first names and the date of your wedding.

Indispensable to keep a memory of this magnificent day, your guests will be able to write little sweet words to you; it will also be perfect for pasting pretty photos!

This guest book is ideal for a wedding with a bohemian decoration.





You have just discovered various ways to keep the best

memories of your guests. Often used as an element of wedding decoration, your original guest book will arouse the curiosity of your guests. You can incorporate yours into wedding games if you use your imagination, so be sure to look for the liveliest ideas your guests are sure to remember!


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