Capsule wardrobe: Top 5 shoes you must absolutely have in your closet

Heels, flats, basics, eccentrics, pairs that we wear all the time, others that we never put on, not to mention the ones we bought simply because they were very , very, very pretty. Yet year after year, season after season, we endlessly redeem them, without counting, like an insatiable collector.

Faced with this orgy of shoes, a question deserves to be asked: do we need them? Better yet, do we (really) have the right pairs of shoes, the ones every woman should have in her closet?

For you, and the more reasonable others, take a look at the 5 shoes that we should all have, the ones that save a wardrobe and a look, whatever the season.


Loud hearts, heels are fortunately no longer the only way to look good these days ... And there are some very pretty models to be elegant even when flat! You just have to choose the right models that will add style to your outfits and that are versatile enough to match your entire wardrobe.



White sneakers

We're not going to rewrite the song, I've said it many times before ... But white sneakers are for me the most essential shoe in a minimalist wardrobe. White sneakers are a basic that goes with absolutely EVERYTHING. Dress or casual dress, jeans, shorts, skirts… I couldn't live without a pair of white sneakers in my wardrobe! These are the pair that I always take when I travel for their versatile side.


Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boots take their name from an eponymous district of London. With its minimalist and androgynous look, the little English ankle boot has established itself as a basis of the male AND female wardrobe. 

Practical and comfortable, it is the ideal shoe for fall-winter. I own two pairs (black and brown) that I wear with dresses as well as pants. But beware, a Chelsea boot worthy of the name must be earned… This is not a shoe that takes bad finishes. 

Choose the leather one with a sole robust enough to follow you on all terrains and for a long time. I dream of a pair of Church’s, the iconic London brand, but gulp the price (it costs around 500 euros). In the meantime, I'm happy with a pair I found at Minelli's last winter and which does the job very well!


Ah, moccasins ... It took me a long time to wear my first pair of moccasins, I always thought they were the quintessential old-fashioned shoe, reserved for the trapped bourgeois of the 16th arrondissement. And then it came back into fashion and we started to see it everywhere. Gucci was a hit last year with its famous horse-bit loafers, it has even become the most trendy shoe of the moment ... So I ended up being convinced and I admit that I like to wear them. from time to time. 

For me, it's still a timeless shoe. But beware, this is a bit of a junkie shoe and you have to break the "stuck bourgeois" side with adequate and modern attire. Avoid the midi skirt with moccasins!

Biker boots 

Because we all have a vague rebellious spirit dormant in us, female bikers are a good pair to keep in reserve. To break the baby-doll look of a little dress or to play it Kate Moss with gray skinny jeans, provide a rock style that no one will be able to resist.

black pumps 

Like it or not, black pumps are the first pair of shoes to have in your closet. In essence, timeless, they will follow us everywhere, for any occasion, from the meeting room with a pantsuit to the restaurant with rolled up jeans or a little black dress for an ultra-feminine effect.

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