Celebrities who created their own cosmetics brand

Cosmetics remains a very promising sector for many entrepreneurs. The stars do not miss this detail and decide to put their image at the service of their business. Followed by millions of people, their communications campaign is already ensuring an audience that seeks to identify with these celebrities. Between make-up, skincare creams, and well-being tea, here are five stars who have decided to launch their own cosmetics brand.

Rihanna, Fenty Beauty

Singer Rihanna launched her new cosmetic brand in early September 2017: Fenty Beauty. A brand that aims to "speak to all women" and which focuses on a wide choice of skin tone. The young woman bases her business on multiculturalism so as not to leave any consumer behind. “It was really important to me. There had to be something for black skin, for fair skin, for those who are in between, "explains the young artist during the launch of her brand. The young woman swaps the cap of an international star for that of an entrepreneur and chooses the growing cosmetics sector. “Make-up is for fun and shouldn't be worn out of necessity, nor should it look like a uniform. Be free to seize opportunities, take risks, dare something new or different, ”she says.

Sold in Sephora stores, the brand has been a huge success with consumers all over the world. An undoubted success for the young woman who is just two months was able to promote her brand to more than 72 million dollars. A record.


Miranda Kerr, KORA Organics

The Australian top model launched her own cosmetics brand in 2009. As a model, skin and body care remains an essential step in the daily life of the young woman. It was only natural that she decided to create KORA Organics, products designed to nourish, regenerate, and hydrate the skin. This range of treatments, the ingredients of which come mainly from organic farming, was developed by experts. Anti-aging cream, soothing mist, luxurious oil: a set of organic products that appeal to consumers. The vegetarian model makes it a point of honor to place naturalness at the heart of her range.


Jessica Alba, The Honest Beauty

Famous actress Jessica Alba is not just starting in entrepreneurship. Founder of The Honest Company, which specializes in organic baby products and cosmetics and is now worth over $ 1 billion. A big bet for the young woman “People only see me as this pretty girl in a bikini, not necessarily smart. It took over three years to build this business, with a lot of 'good luck', or 'you better get back to perfume'. But I have no regrets. »In 2015, she launched her own cosmetics brand: Honest Beauty. 

Cosmetic products must respect the same ecological and responsible values ​​as their big sister. The actress is also keen to make her mark on multiculturalism by offering products that suit all ethnicities. The brand offers cream, serum, and makeup at affordable prices ranging from $ 8 to $ 40.

Madonna, MDNA Skin 

After having sold over 300 million records, Madonna is swapping her singer's hat for that of an entrepreneur. She intrudes into our bathrooms and offers her cosmetic brand MDNA Skin (in partnership with the Japanese brand MTG). Products against impurities, clay masks, serums, that's what the brand is made of. After months of research in laboratories, the range was available to the general public. "Using these products every day as part of your beauty ritual helps to have firm, resilient skin (...) bursting with energy after each application," says the star's website. 

A fairly expensive promise since the latter offers its products at high prices ranging from 100 to 500 dollars. The brand available in Japan and The USA remains accessible worldwide thanks to its online site.

Caroline receiver, WanderTea

The former French TV host, who left the television world after her appearance on the show "Dance with the stars", to devote herself to her new brand: WanderTea. Teas that would be natural remedies for skin problems such as a "cloudy" complexion. The young woman starts her project by consuming tea herself without necessarily finding the one that suits her. “While digging on the internet and trying various products, I noticed that some herbal teas or teas were either too abrasive/laxative or ineffective or even too“ boring ”in taste, effect, and packaging. I then felt that there was a market to be conquered, something new to offer and I, therefore, turned to a renowned herbalist to create effective herbal mixtures ”she confides. 

It was a success with an expansion of its brand "I am delighted to obtain positive opinions, satisfying returns from our customers as well as to be approached by various concept stores to market in-store". A promising future for the young French entrepreneur.

Kim Kardashian, KKW

A true businesswoman, Kim Kardashian takes advantage of her notoriety to launch her make-up brand, called KKW Beauty. Have you always wanted to reproduce the it-girls contouring, and wear her nude make-up? Now you can, but it all comes at a cost: $ 52 for the contouring palette, $ 18 for the cream contouring stick, $ 12 for the nude lip liner, and around $ 45 for the eye shadow palette. .. always cheaper than what her younger sister offers ...

And Kim Kardashian doesn't stop there, as she also launched her fragrance collection with KKW Fragrance. Including one in collaboration with Kylie Jenner: the beauty business, a family affair!

Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics

If we had had to rank according to success in the field, we surely should have placed Kylie Jenner in the first position. It's very simple, with her brand Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner became in 2019 one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Yes, you read that right. It just goes to show that the beauty sector still has a bright future ahead of it! Kylie Cosmetics bestseller? Lip kits of course! But we must admit, Kylie Jenner (and her team) is very good at launching products constantly in the trend.

Kylie Jenner has also launched into skincare for a few months, with her new brand Kylie Skin.

Jennifer Lopez, Inglot Cosmetics

For her makeup collection, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has teamed up with American brand Inglot. A way to limit the risks, but also to test the waters: maybe Jennifer Lopez will launch 100% into the world of beauty? In any case, you can get the right products to get JLO's glow! 

Lady Gaga, Haus Laboratories

This summer was also punctuated by other launches, such as Lady Gaga's makeup brand. Called Haus Laboratories, the brand is vegan and cruelty-free, offering fairly dark neutral packaging, and everything you need to achieve perfect make-up. Victims of their success, many of the singer and actress' products are sold out ...

Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty

In 2010, Selena Gomez had already released a perfume bearing her name. And apparently, she set the scene again, this time creating her brand of cosmetics. The brand is called Rare Beauty, in reference to her latest album entitled Rare.

The info is still RARE (get it?) But the singer recently posted a little teaser on her Instagram account that gives some clues as to the type of products you can find there.

Make-up for the complexion, lips, and what appears to be a liquid highlighter ... It's hard to know more but I can at least tell you that the launch of Rare Beauty will be this summer!

At the moment, it is announced that it will include perfumes, bath, body, face, and hair products. Other things like essential oils, soaps, and nail products should be there as well.

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