How Orgasms Can Give You Healthy, Glowing Skin

Sex, a miracle trick for our skin and our figure? It would seem good! Ah, finally a beauty routine that is not too restrictive ... We list the benefits of sex for our beauty and our greatest pleasure.

Do you want beautiful skin? A little sharp? Skin without imperfections? Did you know that sex can transform you? Why is sex amazing for your skin? Here are the five unexpected benefits of sex on your skin.

For the skin

First good news: it is scientifically proven that the hormones secreted during intercourse increase the skin's collagen level, thus improving its elasticity. Sex vs wrinkles: 1-0. Moreover, with the excitement, a phenomenon is triggered naturally: the lubrication of the vagina. This same phenomenon stimulates the epidermal glands while passing, resulting in well-hydrated skin.

And like all sports, indoor sport stimulates blood circulation and promises a healthy complexion.

Glowy skin

Sex gives you a rosy complexion to the skin on your face Just like all other forms of exercise, having sex stimulates your circulation.

Thanks to the increased blood flow, you get a nice healthy complexion, as if you had just done a 5 km run with a smile.

Sex helps prevent signs of aging of the skin

You can think of sex as a supplement to your wrinkle cream. A balanced estrogen level not only helps keep skin soft, but it is also essential for firm skin.

Plus, sex can also help boost your immune system, Karen says, which minimizes inflammation, a process that over time breaks down collagen and elastin.

Sex prevents acne breakouts 

Did you know? Having sex can cleanse your pores. During intercourse, your body releases hormones called beta-endorphins, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. The level of cortisol, the notorious stress hormone that causes acne, tends to decrease when you have regular sex. A miracle solution to have beautiful skin! 

Sex moisturizes the skin 

Regular sex maintains hormone levels. This is the key. Estrogen plays a very important role in the hydration of your skin. Besides, the right balance also leads to the production of collagen.

Clean pores

Finally, more surprisingly, making love regularly cleans the pores! The beta-endorphins released during the act have an anti-inflammatory effect and can lower the level of cortisol (the notorious stress hormone responsible for acne). Goodbye buttons? It costs nothing to try.

So make love, it will show on your face!

For your figure

For the silhouette, It is not finished. Sex is the ideal sport for working the muscles of the abdominals, thighs, and buttocks. A real strength asset! Besides, we burn an average of 200 calories per sexual session, almost as much as after half a kilometer of jogging. And (normally), it's still a bit nicer ... The icing on the cake, indulging in a part of the legs in the air is a real natural appetite suppressant. Indeed, the endorphins secreted in abundance thanks to the sensation of pleasure help to stop the sensations of hunger.

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