How to rock Stripes for any body shape effortlessly

The serial pattern that plays with our eyes as much as the creators have played with it, stripes are your silhouette's allies. Well used, striped clothes will enhance your line and help you always stay stylish. 

The striped sweater, a classic for all silhouettes 


An essential and legendary piece of street fashion, the striped sweater is made for all silhouettes. However, it is not the most flexible piece, since it only accepts horizontal lines. But, you can play on the cut (shoulder width, flared or straight lines, etc.) and the material of your striped shirt to adapt it to your body type. 

Sailor sweater, t-shirt, or polo shirt, there is bound to be a small sailor top that will highlight your figure. Trendy tip: this year, the striped sweater is also available in red! 

The striped jumpsuit, perfect for shapes and sizes 

The jumpsuit is a piece that adapts perfectly to stripes and gives you a lot of freedom. If you want to refine and lengthen your figure, prefer vertical lines from top to bottom which will give an impression of length. 

Also, take advantage of the jumpsuit to mix the stripes and thus produce a visual effect that looks away from any curves. Trendy tip: for the little ones, swap your jumpsuit for a striped playsuit on sunny days!

The striped dress for a lovely summer day


The striped dress is not to be avoided, even for the curvy ones. On the contrary, with an A-line, flared, or straight cut, you can easily gain height. Along the same lines, you can also opt for a striped dress marked at the waist. Trendy tip: the sailor dress is a must-have this season.


Striped pants, ideal for lengthening the leg  


On striped pants, the fine stripes will ensure a chic and dressed style while the wide stripes will be the most original. For the most generous body types, adopt the fine stripes which lengthen the silhouette. They're the perfect motif to allow yourself to wear high waisted striped pants when you're afraid of over-emphasizing your hips. Trendy tip: dare to wear striped fluid pants for an outfit full of lightness.


Long striped skirt to hug your generous hips

With a striped skirt strongly marking the hips, we focus on vertical stripes! If you opt for a very flared skirt, the horizontal stripes will be perfectly suited. Whatever its morphology, we choose its striped skirt in a fluid material to bring lightness to the silhouette.


The striped swimsuit, suitable for all body types


Ultra trendy this spring, the striped swimsuit will suit you perfectly, we are sure of it! To highlight generous hips, opt for a high waist bikini with thin black and white stripes! For the smaller sizes, we dare the striped one-piece swimsuit, back on the front of the scene this season. Trendy tip: try on the striped swimsuit in bright colors.

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