Simple mind tricks i learned to always get what i want

In life, making events unfold the way you want is not necessarily easy. The fear of refusal or quite simply of appearing ridiculous is sometimes very stubborn barriers. However, the simple act of daring can help you considerably.

Daring to ask for what you want is not always easy. If the brakes to our success are multiple and can be structured to our company, others are personal - because we internalize a situation of weakness.

The idea is simple: if you don't ask, it's because we think the answer will almost always be no. Because we often tend to speculate on what could hypothetically happen. Like for instance "If I do not have a raise, it is simply because I am not adequately qualified" or "If I say this, it will surely attract the rage of my boss". Such a state of negativity limits us in our decisions and restricts the number of things we could do, have, or be.

Whether big or small, our fears keep us from moving forward. The evidence: we regularly associate receiving something with luck and not with our effort. We tell ourselves that what must happen will happen. While daring to express yourself, you create opportunities for yourself. Also, keep in mind that people are not diviners: to get what you want, you have to ask for it.

The power of language

Obtaining what you want also and above all involves an essential element: the importance of your request. A thing only becomes important when you decide it. This will make you want to fight for it more and gain self-confidence.

And at worst, the answer is certainly no. But remember that a "no" can be constructive if it is justified. And if it is not, it is up to you again to ask for an explanation. Only like that, that in the long term, you will reach your goals. Because what condemns you is not so much your capacities or your potential, it is this handicap that you impose on yourself: that of not tempting and not asking.

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