The best selling Korean skincare products

We wanted to write you a little beauty article to introduce you to the 10 cosmetic products you absolutely must get during your future trip.

Today, the popularity of Korean products is well established. K-beauty is even starting to slowly invade the U.S. In South Korea, it is everywhere! You cannot walk in a district (in particular Myeongdong) without crossing a multitude of shops of cosmetic products.

The temptation then becomes very difficult to contain, we want to buy everything! Etude House's cute and girly packaging melt us away, Tony Moly's Pok√©mon range awakens the child in us, Republican Nature and Innisfree do not captivate us with the sweetness of their products… There is something for all tastes and all budgets. We do not know where to turn!

For all the cosmetics fans that we are, here is a list of the 10 products not to be missed.

1- "Wonder Pore" by Etude House

This Etude House facial cleanser truly works wonders. As its name suggests, this product will be a perfect ally for problematic and acne-prone skin.

10 in 1 solution for the pores of your skin, "Wonder Pore" will help you:

  • deeply cleanse your skin pores

  • reduce the appearance of pimples

  • controlling a large amount of sebum

  • moisturize all layers of your skin

  • Smooth your skin

  • Balance your pH

  • Refine your skin color

  • Preserve the elasticity of your skin

  • Remove dead cells

  • Refresh your face

We love it! Its texture is super pleasant and the skin is visibly changed with its regular application. The skin is brighter and smoother from the first use and it perfectly regulates pores and the appearance of pimples. We can't do without it.

Use :

We recommend using it at most once a day, preferably after removing makeup to finish cleaning your skin. It is a powerful product that should not be abused. A small amount of product is enough with a little water to melt the material on your face.

2- Aloe Vera

The many virtues of this plant are no longer to be bragged about. Today it is found in more and more products, especially cosmetics. In South Korea, Aloe Vera is present everywhere. There are even drinks made with Aloe (with its pulp of course).

Magical and multi-use products for our skin, it has soothing, moisturizing, and repairing effects. You can find Aloe Vera, in gel form, in almost any cosmetic store. Choose products containing a high percentage of Aloe to fully benefit from its benefits.

We recommend the Holika Holika gel in particular, as it contains 99%, Aloe Vera. You couldn't find better!

Use :

True multi-use product, you can use it for any occasion. You can use it all over your body, after waxing or when your skin is too dry. Also, apply it in case of irritation, insect bite, light burns or even to moisturize my lips.

3- Toner & Emulsion

We wanted to present its products to you together because their use goes hand in hand. They are often sold together in South Korea.

Toner is applied first. It will help moisturize the skin properly and give it energy. This is why Koreans also apply it before using a sheet mask so that the skin absorbs the treatment even better. Then we use the emulsion. It complements the toner and keeps the skin hydrated over time.

These two products are part of the beauty routine of Korean women called layering. You can find them in all the beauty shops in Korea, regularly presented together.

Small bonus: If you have skin that shows redness, we recommend that you choose green tea-based products (for your toner, emulsion, and why not, your day cream) which corrects this aspect of the skin. skin.

Use :

These two products are used daily. Apply them one after the other in the morning before your day cream and then in the evening after removing make-up and rinsing your skin. You can also use them as part of a facial treatment: in this case, the toner is used before the application of the fabric mask and then the emulsion.

4- BB cream

Although the idea for BB cream was German, it was the Koreans who made this product popular around the world. Widely used today in the U.S, however, they are not as effective as Korean BB creams.

What is the point of using a BB cream? Much less coverage than a foundation, the BB cream will cover your imperfections and illuminate your face while letting the skin breathe. But that's not all! A true care supplement for your skin, the BB cream will moisturize, soothe, and unify your complexion. Depending on which one you choose, it can also have anti-wrinkle or anti-stain properties. Also, they almost all have a UV index. It's ideal for protecting your skin daily!

In Korea, you will have the choice of the master! It is a must-have product that you will find everywhere. On the other hand, Korean women have very fair skin so BB creams are rarely available in dark shades.

5- Snail products

I know what you’re going to tell me… "Yuck snail products! It's horrible, I would never put that on my skin! », and yet Korean women love it! There are many snail products: face mask, body and face cream, lip balm, etc.

Believe me, there is nothing to fear from these products, on the contrary! They do not have a sticky texture and an offensive odor as you might imagine. Snail slime has many regenerating and repairing properties which will allow you to reduce your imperfections. Also, it has real effects on the aging of the skin.

We love fabric snail masks! Besides, We in love with Tony Moly's lip balm, it is an incredible repairer whose effects are surprising from the first use. you will probably not part with it this winter.

6- Sheet masks

A new fashionable product from the beauty departments in the U.S, fabric masks has already been a part of Korean beauty routines for a long time. So, why get it on your trip? Quite simply because in South Korea you will have a huge choice at a lower cost. Fabric masks are still very expensive in the U.S (from around $3 to over $8 per unit against around $7 for 10 masks in South Korea).

Sheet masks are ideal for treating your face! You just have to choose them according to what you want to bring to your skin. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most common properties provided by masks:

  • Give energy

  • Hydrate

  • Firm and rejuvenate the skin

  • Whiten and shine the skin

  • Sebum regulation

Use :

If you have little time, you can simply put on a fabric mask about 20 minutes after having cleaned your skin well. You can also include it in a complete treatment including exfoliation, fabric mask, and solid mask for a new skin! However, you have to take a little more time for yourself. 

7- Blackhead masks

Who else is fed up with these black dots that ruin our life (and the complexion)! Koreans have the solution: small masks that target the most affected areas of the face. These “self-adhesive” masks will remove some of your blackheads.

Use :

After cleaning your face, moisten the parts of your face where you are going to put your mask. Stick your mask on the indicated part and let it harden for about 10 min. When the time has elapsed, the mask is gently removed to remove as many blackheads as possible. Easy!

8- Hand cream

Often abused daily, it is important to hydrate your hands in all seasons. Korean hand creams are ideal! Present in all beauty stores, you will inevitably be seduced by their multitude of perfumes, some of which are not very present in our country (cherry blossoms, avocado, lily, etc.). Their pocket size in a small tube is very practical to take it everywhere with you and change its texture and smell as you wish.

9- lip tints

Who says makeup shopping in Seoul says lip tints! Essential for Koreans, lip tints will allow you to color your mouth naturally and according to your preference. You can apply it in layered, deeper in the center of the mouth to blend it completely on the tips of the lips or cover your entire lips for more intense color.

A real Korean: we opt for the orange shades that are essential in the country.

10- Eyeshadow palettes

How not to fall for these small eye shadow palettes? Convenient to store and available in complementary colors, it's easy to choose the colors to combine to enhance your look. Besides, the eyeshadows are superb with a very pleasant texture and easy to handle. We love!

A true Korean: don't be afraid of red colors! We are not used to using them in the U.S, but Koreans love them. Used as a small touch associated with complementary colors it is very pretty.

These were our top 10! We hope he has been able to guide you in your next beauty shopping.

And you, what is your beauty routine? Are you already using any of these products?

If you have any product suggestions to add to this list, or want clarification on some of the featured products, head to the comments! We would answer you with great pleasure!

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