Why you should stop following fashion trends

We all know someone who likes to keep up with every latest trend at their peril. Although sometimes the result can be satisfactory, in some cases it just leaves us speechless. If you're trying to tackle the people who push you to follow fashion, here are some tips to consider.

1 Because fashion can be expensive

As a student, you already have to bend over backward to buy a package of bacon to put in your pasta. So what's the point of breaking the bank to buy the latest trendy piece? It's no secret that fashion is expensive, and in most cases, there are much bigger things to fund.

2 Because it makes us look like everyone else

Some fashions are followed by so many people that it almost looks like you are facing people in uniform. What is the point of spending money to have the latest fashionable bag if it is to have the same as all the girls in your lecture hall?

3 Because fashions change as quickly as they happen

One of the particularly disturbing things about fashion is that you barely have time to raise enough money to buy a piece when it is already out of fashion. So the best solution is to take something that we like and that is within our means and wait for it to come back into fashion. If not, you will at least have the merit of looking like someone vintage or original.

4 Because the following fashion has become almost out of date

In the eyes of many people, following fashion literally is no longer "trendy" at all. Indeed, no one wants to bother to change their outfit every day to be perfectly in tune with the times, on the contrary.

5 because keeping track can be exhausting

If you start down this path, you'll quickly notice that keeping up with all the latest trends is the most tiring thing in the world. Add to that the fact that you have to constantly shop around to find the latest in fashion. As a student, you definitely have something else to do with your day.

6 Because it does not correspond to what we like

Concretely, following fashion trends means dressing like someone else said it would. In fact, do you really like it? If you're wearing something just because you've seen it in a magazine, but you're not at all comfortable in it, you are definitely on the wrong track.

7 Because nobody asks you to be fashionable

If you look around you will see that no one is pushing you to follow fashion, especially in college. Ideally, you don't have to buy a super expensive item of clothing to spend the day sitting in your chair in an auditorium. Do like many others before you, pull on an old jogging suit, or your favorite jeans, and go for it without worrying about how others look.

8 Because an expensive item of clothing has never made a person more beautiful

Some believe that fashion is a factor of beauty. The reality is quite different. Just because someone said this t-shirt looks good, doesn't mean it'll look good on you, and you're going to wreak havoc with it. As we mentioned earlier, the main thing is to choose pieces in which you feel comfortable and which you really like.

9 Because fashion is always stranger

If you want to follow fashion to the letter, you will quickly be disillusioned. Indeed, when we look at the catwalks, we see that the outfits on offer are anything but suitable for everyday life, especially for going to class.

10 Because fashion can sometimes be a real regression

For some time now, we have noticed that fashion is characterized by the return of old trends. What's the use of dressing like this if it's to look like the kid you were ten years ago?

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