Gadgets that take up little space for your at-home workouts

Effectively practicing sports at home is possible, provided you have the right equipment. No need for space or a lot of equipment: everything lies in the intelligent choice of accessories to carry out your sessions, even at home or on vacation! Here are the essentials to have at home.

For athletes in need of space or sportsmen and women who prefer to practice in complete privacy at home, do not worry, there are complete and practical accessories to achieve tangible results. You just need to equip yourself intelligently, so that you can work all parts of the body without exception. This selection will suit both beginners and advanced.

So who is motivated?

1 - The basics of all sessions: a good floor mat

The choice of the mat is not to be taken lightly, because depending on your accommodation types of sports exercises, and the desired comfort, you will not have the same needs.

Here are three quality models:

The most versatile Yogati - Eco-friendly yoga and fitness mat

This mat has the advantage of being thick enough to perform strengthening and fitness exercises (barefoot or in sneakers) but also for yoga sessions. It is non-slip on both sides, it remains light and comfortable without being too thin (6 mm thick). It is also made of TPE, an environmentally friendly material that is more durable and denser.

The little extra: it features body alignment cues to help perfect yoga postures and floor fitness exercises.

The most comfortable Ativafit - Thick non-slip exercise mat

Its thickness makes it particularly comfortable, it will be very appreciated by people who easily have back pain. It reduces the impact caused by certain exercises, such as jump squats or jumping lunges. Designed without latex or phthalates, it is easy to clean and non-slip.

The little extra: it comes with straps, ideal for storing it, or taking it on vacation or to your sports lessons.

Most suitable for yoga Konjac - Natural cork wood yoga mat

Made from natural cork, this mat contains no contaminants or allergens. This material is known to dry quickly and have a perfect adhesion. Barefoot yoga sessions will be even more enjoyable. Its 6mm thickness makes it comfortable enough for back exercises and is suitable for both beginners and more experienced. The drawn lines help to keep the alignment of the postures.

The little extra: it comes with a carrying bag, very practical to take it to your yoga classes.

2 - Warm-up and training circuits: the jump rope

The jump rope is not just for playgrounds! It is precisely the most complete accessory there is, for a minimum of space. The only condition? To have a very well insulated apartment to avoid causing crises with your neighbors downstairs, or to be the happy owners of a garden/balcony/basement!

Benefits of the jump rope: it is the perfect accessory to warm up, but also to increase the heart rate. To be integrated into training circuits in order to alternate strengthening exercises and cardio!

Our selection :

The most versatile Gritin - Ergonomic Adjustable Jump Rope

This jump rope has ergonomic handles coated with memory foam, which makes the grip more comfortable. The steel cable is very easy to adjust in length and will suit the whole family.

The little extra: The 360 ​​° rotating ball bearing mechanism helps prevent the rope from tangling.

The most challenging NH Forest - Adjustable jump rope with jump counter

This model, woven from durable cotton, is equipped with a jump counter, perfect for challenging yourself to do the most without tripping! The handle is non-slip and the length adjustable according to your height.

The little extra: it is suitable for children and adults, it is a purchase that will benefit the whole family!

3 - Tone up and vary the intensities: resistance bands

Resistance bands can be used in all your workouts, in addition to the usual exercises. Like weightlifting, bands intensify the strain on the muscles. The advantage is that you can is to be able to increase the difficulty according to the exercises!

How to use them? Like loads except that with the bands, it is a question of fighting against the tension exerted by the elastic, and not against gravity. Some bands have handles for maneuverability, but most look like simple large rubber bands. The thighs will burn quickly, I promise!


The set of classic weight bands Insonder - Pack of 5 elastic bands

This set of bands is basic but very effective: with 5 different intensities, you can alternate the tension levels according to the muscles used and the exercises performed. Very flexible, these 30 cm long by 5 cm wide bands do not deform and the small carrying bag allows you to take them everywhere.

Enough to make your yoga, pilates, stretching, Crossfit, Zumba, etc. sessions even more intense.

The little extra: they are also perfect for physical and motor rehabilitation, such as rehabilitation of ankles, knees, and legs following injury, for convalescence and postnatal rehabilitation.


The handiest set of elastic bands ShareWe - Set of 12 resistance bands

This very complete set also has several rubber bands with different levels of intensity, enough to gradually increase the tension on the muscle groups and vary the exercises. Made from natural latex, these elastics are equipped with foam handles and ankle straps.

The little extra: the handles and the straps, a big advantage that avoids rubbing the rubber bands on the skin.

The most comfortable bands Oudort - Set of 3 resistance bands in non-slip fabric

 This set of 3 adjustable intensity resistance bands are woven from cotton and latex, making them comfortable and non-irritating to the skin. This is indeed the drawback of rubber bands: they tend to rub on the joints or on clothing. Delivered with a transport bag, this set can be taken everywhere ...

The little extra: the composition of the bands makes them comfortable, and very effective! This set will be very suitable if you are a beginner or if you want to intensify your strengthening or pilates exercises.


4 - Muscle power: dumbbells, weighted weights, and kettlebells


The most complete set of basic dumbbells Leogreen - 1kg / 1.5kg / 2.5kg Dumbbell Set with Rack


This set of 3 pairs of dumbbells is a complete set to carry out your sessions and adapt the loads according to your level and the desired objectives. Constructed with a high quality cast iron core to increase durability, these weight lifting dumbbells come with a practical storage rack, which avoids leaving them lying around ... They are maneuverable and allow a good grip.

The little extra: support, which becomes essential if you equip yourself for sport!


The most versatile weighted weights Movit - Ankle and wrist weighted bands

These weighted weights are available in 0.5kg, 1kg or 2kg versions, and attach to wrists or ankles. Very practical, they allow you to carry out your usual sessions with additional difficulty. To intensify your strengthening exercises, your walks, and your Zumba sessions, it's perfect

The little extra: the reinforced seam and the soft material avoids friction on the skin.


Kettlebells for heavier lifting Powrx - Kettlebells 2 x 8kg pro with exercise poster

This professional 8kg kettlebell will be perfect if you're already used to it. in weight training sessions and that you need to lift "heavy" enough to feel the muscular work. The handle corresponds to regulatory standards for weightlifting.

The little extra: it comes with a poster offering 20 exercises so you don't run out of inspiration!


5 - Strengthen the abdominal strap: the wheel

The wheel is a device dedicated to working the abdominal strap, to change the sheathing and chest raises. On your knees, your back flat, and your hands around the handles, just move the wheel forward until your arms are outstretched (the pelvis in anteversion and the abs sheathed). Then, it is to return the wheel to the starting point near the knees, using the strength of the abs. I promise you will have muscle aches the following days!

The abdominal wheel at a low price Bodymate - Classic abdominal wheel with mat

This wheel is the most basic, but effective. Supplied with a small thick mat, it prevents knee pain. It is light, pretty and always effective.

The little extras: it is guaranteed for 3 years and we like its low price!

The most complete abdominal wheel Powrx - Deluxe 2-in-1 abdominal wheel

This model is a little more expensive but can be used both to strengthen the abdominal strap as well as the lower body. It is indeed possible to place the soles of the feet in the two straps or to use it normally by grasping it by the handles.

The little extra: the 2-in-1 function of this wheel to integrate into your training circuits.


6 - Massaging the fascias and stretching the muscles: the foam roller

Because all sportsmen and women know that recovery is essential, here is equipment often forgotten and yet essential to relieving the muscles: the foam roller.

It is most often a roller with reliefs, and on the same principle of deep massage, you can also use spiked balls. The goal is to lean all of your weight on that roller (or ball), emphasizing specific muscle areas, which Americans call "trigger points" (which gave their name to a brand of full part). These are the parts of the body where the main muscle contractures and tensions are located. For people who regularly suffer from lower back pain, the tension in the quadriceps, or calves, this is exactly what it takes.

The most basic model FX FFEXS - Foam roller for trigger points

This self-massage roller is the basis for any athlete who also wishes to relieve muscle tension. Athletes (even beginners) also need to work on muscle relaxation, which is indeed what helps to progress and heal tissues faster.

The little extra: it is light and fits very easily under the bed or in the wardrobe.

The most versatile model FINETHER - 4-in-1 Massage Roller

This very complete set allows you to target different areas of the body since it includes a roller (ideal for the back), two spiked balls to stimulate the circulation of the hands and feet, and a stick (very suitable for ischios, quadriceps, and calves.

The little extra: the accessories are stored in the hollow cylinder of the roller!

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