How to dress according to your body type

It is not always easy to dress. Sometimes we fall for a nice little sweater that doesn't fit us at all when we try it on. The key is to know your body type well so that you can find the cuts that highlight your figure. Here is a short guide to help you identify your body type and some fashion tips to find out which clothes are the most flattering for your body.

How to identify your body type?

Before taking stock of the different types of morphologies and the most suitable looks to dress your forms, know that to find out which category you belong to, you should not hide in front of your mirror. To be precise, it is better to put on your underwear or wear tight clothes to see the shape of your body. Another precious indication: the sizes of the clothes that make up your everyday look. Is it the same for your sweater and your pants or is it different?

How to recognize an X body type

The woman with the morphology in X (or hourglass) is rather thin. She has a small breast and a slim waist. The width of her shoulders is the same as that of her hips.

The cuts to favor: You're in luck, almost everything suits you and dresses your figure! Sleeveless top, slims, trapeze dress, fitted jacket, shiny or satin materials ...

Clothing to avoid: Tight tops that crush the chest, turtlenecks, oversized dresses, dark colors for tops that shrink the chest

What is an H body type?

As with the X body shape, a woman with an H body shape has her shoulders and hips in the same alignment. On the other hand, its size is not or little marked.

The cuts to favor: Bet on straight cuts that feminize. Fluid colored tops (blouse type) and straight coats are your best allies to highlight your figure. The low waist can also help showcase a flat stomach.

Clothing to avoid: High waists, tight-fitting jackets, wraparound shapes, a tight belt at the waist, loose clothing.

What is an O body type?

The O-shaped body type corresponds to the silhouette of round women who have a generous chest, round shoulders, a small belly.

The cuts to favor: To sublimate your curves, adopt the wrap dresses and flowing materials. High waisted clothes are also a good option for those who are curvy. Also bet on heels, the perfect accessory for a pin-up look.

Clothes to avoid: Clothes that are too loose and do not flatter curves, clothes that are too tight, layering which brings even more volume, low-waisted pants, mini-skirts (which draw attention to the thighs), pleated skirts, short closed jackets, tops with pockets at chest level

How to recognize an A body type?

Having an A-shaped body type (or pyramid morphology) means that the woman's upper body is narrower than the bottom. The size of her sweaters will be smaller than those of her skirt or pants.

The cuts to favor: The ideal is to highlight the bust with strong pieces (such as colored or patterned tops) and to choose clothes that slim the legs. Flared pants and V or boat necklines are yours!

Clothing to avoid: Straight skirt, horizontal stripes, trousers with darts and pockets, tops that mark the widest part of the hips

How to define a V-shaped body type

The V-shape is the reverse of the A-shape. Also called an inverted pyramid shape, it is characterized by shoulders that are wider than the hips. This is the silhouette of athletic women.

The cuts to favor: To feminize a V-shaped silhouette, you have to bet on pieces that draw the eye downwards and highlight the waist. To you the dresses, the shorts, and the skirts to show your beautiful legs. If you prefer pants, choose flare jeans over slim jeans. A little advice to add a touch of femininity to your look with accessories: adopt the belt and heels.

Clothing to avoid: The strapless dress, the jacket with shoulders, the slim jeans, the horizontal stripes at the top, the jacket with a large collar, the boat neck.

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