How To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Sleeping Oasis

Too old-fashioned, too modern, not harmonious: your decor does not match what you would like for the bedroom? Know that with a few good ideas, it is possible to completely transform the style of your room. Follow the guide and treat yourself to the decor of your dreams without sabotaging your bank account this fall ...

A bedroom makeover doesn't have to be a lot of work. While a dash of paint may be essential, it is indeed not mandatory to review everything to achieve a trendy decor. But how do you go about successfully revamping your bedroom when you have only a limited budget? From home-made headboards to decorative frames, including the recycling of old objects that have come down from the attic, sometimes it doesn't take much to restore style to this flagship room in the house. So follow our thoughtful tips to revamp your room without breaking the bank!

Tip 1: go for beautiful mirrors  

They are unmatched when it comes to giving depth to a small room: mirrors. Preferably choose a large model, to reflect the light and maximize the space.

The ideal: place it in the extension of a window so that natural light and the outside can reflect there. If you don't like the idea of ​​the large mirror, or just don't have one and don't want to invest, recycle several small mirrors, paint their borders in your bedroom colors and place them side by side. Perfect to give charm and brightness to your room. Without breaking the bank! 

Tip 2: Good Lighting 

Light is essential for the ambiance of a bedroom, especially at bedtime. To create cozy lighting, conducive to zen and relaxation, avoid ceiling lights and go for 2 or two small auxiliary lamps, like bedside lamps, to be placed on either side of the bed or in the dark corners of the bed. the room. 

The ideal: choose compact fluorescent bulbs that provide uniform and more pleasant lighting than neon or low-consumption bulbs.

Don't forget the candles, too, to burn without counting to warm the atmosphere.

These are simple, low budget tips that will invariably affect the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Tip 3: change your sheets

Sometimes it takes little to completely change the decor of a room. Without necessarily breaking the bank, a new bed set, for example, will immediately give your room a different look (you can find complete sets of bed linen for around 40 dollars). A linen duvet, a plaid or light cotton set, a fur-style bedspread to warm the bedroom during the winter and a few matching cushions will be the most beautiful effect.

Most? Add in some tall curtains to immediately create a beautiful harmony. With these few decorative elements, your room is already not the same at all!


Tip 4: Accessorize the empty space

A few frames found in flea markets for three francs six sous or in inexpensive decoration stores and here is your room revamped like an Art gallery.

To give character to the whole, do not hesitate to multiply them on the same section of walls or a window sill and to mix the styles (old and modern, white and black, photos and paintings, small and large frames, etc. …). No need for master charts, what matters is the harmony of the whole. Trust your artistic sense to add style to your bedroom and have fun: picture frames are real decoration allies.

Tip 5: create a DIY padded headboard 

A pretty paint and a few brushstrokes: it doesn't take much to create a custom-made headboard in your bedroom, in perfect harmony with the decor of the room. For maximum personality, play with excess and imagine, for example, a headboard that climbs to the ceiling.

You can also find your headboard in a flea market to give a baroque air to your room or create it yourself by covering with fleece and fabric a plywood board to the measurements of your bed. And here is a key element of the decoration of a room, to achieve very


Tip 6: bring out your old books for a poetic library corner 

Nothing like a large bookcase (a budget IKEA shelf will do just fine) to dress up a bedroom wall and bring a cozy atmosphere to the room. The idea? Dress it up with books (to be picked up from a garage sale for a few euros, for example), by disposing of as much as possible, without being afraid of the accumulation, which takes on its full meaning here.

Do not hesitate to place them on shelves mounted up to ceiling level for height. Nothing like it to bring character and a very special soul to your room.

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