In case its’ not already tempting enough, here are 20 reasons to move to Europe

You might be wondering why Europe attracts so many Americans and why your friends abandoned you to go there? You see everywhere that Europe is THE right place to come and settle in, whether it's for an internship in London, a job in Paris or just to get a change of scenery. Well, we didn't lie to you. And to justify all the enthusiasm there is around this region, we are going to give you some good arguments.

Here you will find 20 good reasons to leave the U.S to come and live in Europe, and we hope to convince you!

The main and most obvious reason is that you will significantly improve your level of Language. We've never seen anyone leave London and speak less well in English than when they arrived. The practice is the secret! No matter what situations you will be in, you will have to manage to understand and make yourself understood and that, we can tell you that it is formative! With English being the most widely spoken language in the world, this is a good point that should not make you hesitate.

You will become more lovable. Although we have no doubts about your friendliness, the Europeans are still renowned for being easy-going, pleasant, and surprisingly polite. Living surrounded by people with such qualities inevitably rubs off on us. You won't take such things anymore, you will always make the most of the toughest situations, and that frankly is one thing that can serve you around the world.

You will meet new nationalities. Yep, we keep telling you, but it's so true. Europe is a very cosmopolitan place. As proof, nationalities from all over the world coexist in it, making the cultural richness of each capital. Italians, South Africans, Latinos, Indians, Pakistanis, Russians, or even Spanish people of different nationalities that you will meet only when you come to live in Europe.

You will open your mind. Continuing from the previous point, meeting so many nationalities and therefore different cultures will open your mind. You will learn a lot about others and therefore you will become aware of the greatness of the world and all the differences it contains.

You will be able to enjoy free and unlimited access to culture. free admission to museums and cultural centers. Everyone even people from the most modest backgrounds can have access to culture for free. All museums are free throughout the year. Outside of museums, you can even access culture just by strolling through the streets of Venise or Prague where street artists turn common areas into breathtaking works of art.

A place full of opportunity. Obviously, such a large city with such a large population is full of opportunities, each more unique than the next. If you come to do an internship you will surely meet people who will offer you a job, then another then a job, etc. Everything is possible in Europe because everyone discusses everything with everyone. English pubs are so welcoming that it's easy to strike up a conversation over a good beer.

And then ... Most famous cities are not that far from each other. Just 1-hour flight from London to Paris, you can easily come back to see your family and friends when you feel like it. Yes, we know homesickness usually comes back pretty quickly, but in Europe, you will realize that France occupies an important place. It is the 6th largest country, so there are more French people in London than in Bordeaux. Yes, the idea of ​​living in there has already won over thousands of French people who have brought with them to London a French touch that will come in handy when you feel homesick.

Because beer is not expensive! In Europe, everyone (or almost) drinks beer. It’s like tea, it occupies an important place in European life. It is very common that in the evening after a day's work the German meet in bars or pubs to unwind over a beer, several times a week! Yes, because they can afford it. A pint of beer is just $ 3, which is the price you drink every day. We don't force you to have bad habits either, but we challenge you to find a pint at that price in New york.

Because you will find the best burgers in Europe. Not to mention them all. But it's a truth in Europe you can eat really tasty burgers and there is something for everyone and at all prices. There are even vegetarian and gluten-free burgers so you might as well tell you that the burger box is a must!

Because you can do your shopping on Sunday. Most European cities never sleep, didn't you know? Now yes! Shops in London and Paris are open every day even on Sunday. Food stores are open all week until 10 p.m. and if ever with all of this you are still missing something you will always have neighborhood grocery stores open 24/7. Another good reason, no?

If you like sports, that's another good reason! The national capital, even the world, of football, counts more than 40 professional clubs. Like a true religion, football brings people together, each match is an opportunity to meet in bars and pubs to support your favorite team! Apart from football, rugby and tennis are also in the spotlight in some countries. The famous Wimbledon tournament welcomes players every year for the famous tennis competition as well for Twickenham Stadium in London.

Because everyone is so much more laid back (and even at work). Indeed the Europeans are not astride conventional formulas. They are “cool” and in all situations. For example, even if they don't know the person, they start emails with the recipient's first name. No madam sir, everyone is treated at the same level and hierarchies are therefore less felt. Employees are freer to dress, which creates a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Because Europe is a continent of nature. Living there can be very relaxing. Indeed, you can enjoy all the advantages of a large metropolis, but also all the good sides of nature and observe animals. Yes, there are animals in Cities; foxes, squirrels, beavers, etc. Europe has no less than thousands of parks, besides the royal parks and nature reserves. The parks are perfectly maintained to the delight of nature lovers.

Because finding a job is easy. A CV, a cover letter, a smile, and a little motivation here is the recipe for finding a job in Europe. So populated, many cities offer different job opportunities, especially in sales and restaurants. Bosses give everyone a chance. If the fear of not finding a job there is a drag, then forget it! Your place is here. And if you want to secure your back and find a job from France, we can help you. Movaway helps you find a job in London for example based on your level of English and prepares you for future interviews.

Because you will discover the joys of shared accommodation. Flatshare in Europe is the most common type of accommodation, especially among young people and expatriates. You will discover the joys of a roommate in Europe: you may have already had a roommate experience in the U.S, but not necessarily an international roommate. Living daily with people of a different nationality from yours will allow you to improve your openness. It’s a way to meet new people and live in a great apartment for reasonable prices. Here too we can help you find a shared room in any country in Europe. We have a wide selection of rooms to share, in different neighborhoods, and at different prices.

Because it's so easy to find accommodation. Europe is very populated so there is a lot of demand for housing, but the supply is also very high. Besides, the procedures for renting accommodation in Europe are very simple and fast. No supporting documents are required. You just have to sign the contract and pay for the accommodation to be yours.

Because Irish pubs are so cool. They are everywhere in Europe, on every street corner you find a pub. A multitude of pubs with different atmospheres for everyone to find something for them. A real habit in the life of Irish, pubs occupy an important place and are a place of gathering and celebration every day. And no excuses not to take advantage of it, because in Europe you come back from a party as easily as you have been there; buses are available 24 hours a day and some metro lines too. What to arouse your curiosity, right?

Because anyone can do an internship. To do an internship in Europe, you don't need to have an internship agreement as in the U.S. You can come to find a job in Europe and decide next to do an internship. In Europe, almost all companies accept to take interns even without a convention. And that is a good point! You may want to do an internship in marketing while you are enrolled in law school; no problem! This is your case ? You are looking for an internship in Europe come for a walk here

Another reason to come and live in Europe NOW. The value of the Euro and British Pound has dropped considerably since Brexit and stock trades, so it is more interesting to come now because you are losing less in the exchange now.

Fan of beautiful cars? So here is another good point! In Europe, it's the auto show that takes place every day before your eyes on the streets. It is rare to come across old cars in the streets of Berlin. Indeed, the Europeans who own cars have cars of a certain standard.

Because London has the most stylish taxis in the world. The famous Black cabs; these legendary London taxis give the city a vintage edge and make the identity of the English capital.

Because the Europeans love French. They are famous for gastronomy, historical monuments. Your simple French accent will be enough for people to find you "so sexy". It’s so nice to be appreciated.

Because you never get bored. There is so much to do, to visit, to watch to try. Such big cities, so populated, so dynamic that is full of wonderful places to see. Exhibitions, concerts, museums or simply stroll through huge parks. There are also a lot of free things to do, which you don't always find in many cities. It's going to take you years and years in Europe before you turn in circles (and again).

Because setting up your own company is so easy. In its policy, Europe makes it so easy for young entrepreneurs whether they are British or expatriates. You can create your box in just a few hours. When it comes to charging and property taxes Europe is much more flexible and therefore makes entrepreneurship interesting.

Were you thinking of leaving the U.S to do an internship in Barcelona or to find a job in Rome? All these reasons have convinced thousands of Americans and continue to seduce them every day. And if that's not enough, we can also tell you why Europe is the best place for an internship or why it is so rewarding to come to work there.

Hoping to count you among us soon.

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