Outdated Items You Should Consider Purging From Your Closet

In this article, I give you these types of pieces that you should get rid of in your walk-in closet to create a perfect wardrobe that is functional and fun to use.

A minimalist or capsule wardrobe, depending on my convictions and my vision of things, it means: that we should be able to put on almost anything with our eyes closed: everything suits us, there is a guideline in our wardrobe (without everything being copy-certified or the same colors), that clothing must be wearable in multiple situations, that we should no longer waste time thinking about our clothes and outfits that you learn to create a style more than follow fashions and buy ready-made outfits (to quickly go out of fashion).

7 pieces that have no place in a capsule wardrobe. Prepare your sorting baskets, because we are going to clear our wardrobes ...

1.uncomfortable underwear

Whether they are beautiful or not, this underwear that you never wear because you know you are going to have a bad day (compressed breasts, panties that fit into your line ...), throw them away! If you really want to, we tolerate one and only one (set of) sexy and uncomfortable underwear, the kind you wear to take them off immediately ... but everything else must go, long live practical underwear and comfortable.

2. clothes that have been waiting to be repaired or customized for 6 months or more

I had a bag of clothes and scraps of fabric that I wanted to use to make custom pieces, inspired by the tutorials on Youtube. But there you go, it's a talent not everyone has, it takes time ... and honestly, I don't strictly need it. So if you too are saving parts to "do something" with them, now is the time to do whatever you want to do with them, or get rid of them! Like a garment that has been waiting for a repair for so long ... do you really need it?

3.clothes that don't fit

You might lose weight, or gain weight. You might even be the type to yo-yo with your weight. But do you really want to keep clothes that make you feel guilty because you don't fit in, and clothes that don't look good because they're too big?

If you change your size “regularly”, create a capsule wardrobe in your current size, bought second-hand, and tell yourself that in case of change, you can give your clothes to buy a small series at your size. The “just in case” are the enemies of minimalism and decluttering. Remember that our tastes change over time, our needs change with the evolution of our business, etc.

4.clothes that only go with a specific piece

Your fuchsia pants, which only go with your one blacktop, are they really worth taking up space in your home? Without necessarily aiming for a monochrome wardrobe or giving up color, we must admit that some clothes are really not “profitable”.

Likewise a top or a dress whose neckline forces you to wear them with a very specific shirt or bra, or the dress so thin that you absolutely have to wear it with the bottom of the dress. A perfect wardrobe should remove all constraints.

5. clothes “for occasions”

These clothes that we keep for formal occasions, end of year celebrations, ceremonies ... take up space for nothing (and often cost a lot more ...) Choose a dressy outfit, one in which you feel really good, and make it your unique outfit for the occasions.

You can even go one step further and choose to rent your outfit, or borrow it if the situation calls for it: you then get rid of all those outfits that you bought for special occasions and that has since been lying in your closet. Realize that it is absolutely okay for someone to see you dressed the same several times in their life!

6. clothes with holes, stains, or damaged

Because frankly, your wardrobe deserves pristine pieces rather than H&M t-shirts filled with holes and the seams not even straight anymore. Even if it means replacing what you throw away with their equivalent, but of better quality.

7.clothes for crafts

Unless you spend time gardening, or work is actually and concretely planned for the year, there will be plenty of time to come to terms with other clothes when you need them. Plus, a t-shirt is enough, don't bother collecting it just because it hurts you to throw it away.

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