Packing Hacks You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Ok, I admit, I have mastered the art of packing quickly and not forgetting anything for several years. And this is an ancient head in the air talking to you! No need to list what to take. No list fits all destinations, duration, and type of baggage. On the other hand, there are unstoppable tips for methodically and efficiently packing your suitcase, wherever you go. Here are 6 easy-to-remember tips to pack your suitcase without forgetting anything. Is your plane in 3 hours? Go!

pack your suitcase without forgetting anything

Tip # 1 to pack your suitcase like a pro: proceed by topic

I always start with the bathroom, then go through the wardrobe and shoebox, to finish with high-tech products and finally, the papers. I always do it in that order, first because it's easy to remember. Two, because once the toiletry bag is done, I know how much space I have left in the suitcase, the high-tech going in the cabin bag with the papers. And finally, because I know that if I take the essentials for dressing, traveling, and working, the rest is just detail. It's that simple!

Tip # 2: Take your items in the order of the day

It's a classic: we arrive and we miss the pajamas, the towel or the toothbrush. Normal ... To avoid this, remember your actions in the chronological order of the day.

In the bathroom, for starters. What do you need when you get ready in the morning? See in your head your habits. You shower first, so shower gel + shampoo. Then you dry yourself off, so towel + body lotion (right gentlemen!). Then you wash your face and teeth, so toothbrush + toothpaste + facial product + cream (+ razor too, right, ladies!). And so on for lenses, makeup, etc.

What do you need for the day? chapstick? In the bag! And the night? Make-up remover, cotton pads, pill, etc.

Result: an operational toiletry bag in 5 minutes! For clothes, the same method with morning/evening clothes. The famous pajamas that I always forgot to take before are only a distant memory (horrible memory for once, especially during work seminars with shared rooms ...)!

Then start at the beginning when you get dressed: underwear and socks first. We're good. Let's move on to the fateful moment of outfits!

Tip # 3: plan a simple wardrobe that fits together

Probably a more feminine issue at this point. But hey, no need to clutter the suitcase with pants that will not match, inappropriate vests, or an immeasurable number of tops, of which you will wear only a tiny minority.

A warning here for the ladies so don't take 10,000 kinds of outfits. Plan colors that work with everything and sizes that fit together. Two basic pants, including jeans and gray or black pants + 2-3 sweaters will do well for a week. If you prefer dresses, stock up on leggings and bodysuits, then choose dresses last. Simply, don't mix everything up, at the risk of ending up with leggings, but no skirt, or sweaters but no pants (too bad, and the great fashionista in me (hum…) speaks from experience). Maybe that's why I always end up with rotten outfits, in the end, she had to go on vacation, that one!

So plan these famous 3-4 outfits that work together, spread out on the bed with the tops and bottoms side by side. See if everything can go with everything. Put in the suitcase and don't touch anything!

Result: a fiery wardrobe prepared in 15 minutes!

Tip n ° 4: match the shoes and plan the mat

The small final touch (and my favorite): the shoes! Here, it's the moment when I go live because I see the place I have left in the suitcase and I stuff everything down to the last centimeter ... which is not the starting point but hey, who cares!

Once again, having the outfits in mind, adapt to the simplest: boots with the dresses, or sneakers and comfortable ballerinas to walk with the pants. It just has to match and you have to be good at it, that's all! A pair of heels to go out as a bonus if needed and we talk more about it (says the girl who takes 12 pairs).

Tip # 5: never separate high tech and accessories

Who has never forgotten the cable to charge their phone while packing their suitcase? Or the camera battery which is therefore useless. In short, how do we avoid that ?! Thinking of the device with its accessories, of course!

I place all the devices I want to take on my bed: computer, phone, camera, etc. And for everyone, it's in the bag with their set of accessories of all kinds. Phone? So charger + adapter if you go abroad! Computer? The charger also + external hard drive if necessary.

Camera? Yes, battery + charger + tripod + zoom. Ditto for those who carry cameras, e-readers, and other tablets. Device = accessories!

Tip n ° 6: always finish with the papers to pack your suitcase, always!

Now that the suitcase is super ready, properly packed, it's time to make sure you can get on the plane (a little detail like that, like nothing). In the end: three things to think about!

Passport (containing the visa in principle) Boarding pass (use the apps of the transport companies and put the boarding pass in your Wallet, it's so much easier!) + The bus/train papers you take before or after. The wallet: take only what you need, while being careful not to miss anything. Roughly speaking, think money/insurance/transport.

This will mean credit cards + cash, a vital card, or an international insurance reference, as well as an international license lying around somewhere. And that's all!

Result: a cabin bag with high tech + papers ready: 10 minutes

It's time to go !!! Take your coat and scarf when you leave, put the bag over your shoulders, and the suitcase rolling proudly behind you. I want to say, you are on top, you packed your suitcase like a pro, have a good trip!

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