Tired of the same outfits? here's how to redo your entire wardrobe

Change of season, change of silhouette, all occasions are good to redo your woman's wardrobe. Between sorting, inventory, and bargain hunting, discover how to remodel your wardrobe efficiently and without breaking the bank.

1.Sort out your wardrobe

Remaking your wardrobe does not go without sorting. Before adding clothes, make room in the walk-in closet.

- Take all the clothes out of your closet and lay them out on the floor.

- Go through them one at a time. Take them in hand and try them out as needed.

- Eliminate all old-fashioned, too big or too tight, damaged, clothes that you no longer like or that does not bring you any pleasure.

- If you haven't worn a piece in the past 6 months, or the year for seasonal clothing, throw it out as well.

Note: do not throw away the discarded clothes! Donate them to charities, resell them on the Internet, trade them in, leave them in consignment ...

There are many solutions available for recycling clothes, helping associations, or earning money.

2. Take an inventory of your clothes

After sorting, your wardrobe has normally shrunk. Fold the stored clothes and stack them by categories, then by colors. Go through each pile and take note of the pieces you are missing.

For each category, a standard wardrobe should theoretically include two good thirds of basics and one-third of strong pieces.

Example: out of three pants, one is black, the other is basic jeans, the last is red pants.

Also, take stock of the colors. Here again, a basic wardrobe is generally made up of two-thirds of easy-to-match colors (black, gray, blue, beige, khaki, navy, etc.), for one-third of seasonal colors: light and bright in summer, deep and muffled in winter. The color ranges are in principle more varied for the highs than for the lows.

Example: do not forbid yourself anything, but prefer a lemon yellow in summer, a mustard yellow in winter; a coral red in summer, a garnet red in winter; lagoon blue in summer, duck blue in winter, etc.

For each strong piece, make sure you can simply put together an outfit.

Example: If you have a cognac-colored high-waisted leather skirt, do you have the perfect top to go with it? If you don't know what to wear it with, write it down.

To remake a seasonal wardrobe, also take into account the specific clothes.

Example: Do you have a good coat, hat, scarves, and gloves in your winter wardrobe? In the summer, do you have enough t-shirts, a swimsuit, a hat?

Note: in passing your desires, your favorites: a garment was seen in a magazine, spotted in the window, a fashion item, or a great classic absent from the wardrobe ...

You get a list of clothes to find to redo your wardrobe!

3. What purchases to redo your wardrobe?

To determine the number of parts to replace to redo your wardrobe, base yourself on the number of parts eliminated: you will thus avoid overflowing your dressing room. If you want to buy more, sort more!

A wardrobe is made up of essential basics. The list is not exhaustive, depending on your style and taste. However, go through it and prioritize items on your shopping list that are right for you and not in your closet.

Example: raw jeans, black pants, a denim shirt, a V-neck t-shirt, a little black dress, a white shirt, a cashmere sweater, a parka, a trench coat, a pair of pumps, a pair of boots, a pair of ballet flats and another of sandals.

As a general rule, it is better to redo your wardrobe by renewing more small parts than large ones. If you already have good basics, a few strong seasonal pieces and several tops or accessories are enough to transform a look.

Example: replacing pants and five tops allow you to simply renew a silhouette, without spending too much.

- Don't forget the smallest parts! Scarves, hats, bags, shoes, jewelry, socks, glasses are all ways to reinvent your wardrobe at a lower cost.
- Distribute your purchases starting with the large parts, to evolve towards the small ones. Your desires for these may change depending on your findings.

Example: start with stockings, coats, then jackets, dresses, shirts and tops, lingerie and shoes, and finish with accessories.

4.Redo your wardrobe without breaking the bank

To remodel your wardrobe, it is necessary to stock up on new clothes. New does not necessarily mean new! Take stock of your budget and adapt the solutions: spread the purchases over several months or explore the different options to redo your woman's wardrobe without breaking the bank. In any case, invest more in the basics, which will remain season after season, than in too marked pieces that you will get bored or that will go out of fashion.

- Swap: simple and practical for remaking a wardrobe, the barter method allows you to renew your clothes without spending anything, or almost. Many websites have specialized in this kind of exchange.

- Make the empty-closets: many websites collect pieces of all brands in good condition. Also look for fashion blogger sites, not to mention the flea markets and garage sales organized each year throughout France.

- Think of thrift stores: if they require the investment of time to search the shelves, you can find good basics, even a few exceptional pieces, all at a low price.

- Visit depots, on the Internet, or in stores: you will find branded clothes, from the most basic to the most original. They can be used to complement other lower-end, but less expensive parts.

- Test the big online shopping sites: the biggest e-commerce platforms offer new clothes for sale, and some are used. You can find everything from low-cost unknown brands from Asia to high-end designer pieces.

- Discover e-shopping: most brands now have their online store. The advantage? Many of them have promotions that are valid only on the Internet, others have a sale or discount category. Also, look at coupons and discounts sites: sometimes you will find coupons that reduce the bill or avoid shipping costs.

- Go shopping: To fight competition from the Internet, many physical stores offer promotions that are only valid in-store. Watch, sign up for private sales, and look out for opportunities.
Scour the outlet stores and brand name stocks that carry old collections at knockdown prices.

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