Trendy accessories to amp your outfit under $50


Bet on accessories to perfect and personalize your outfits while remaining trendy at low prices! Glasses, bags, jewelry, or even a hat, all these details that add a little extra and give character to your looks, here are our favorites under $50.

For the beauty of the accessory.

There are certain accessories that we wear because they embellish our outfits! Here are

a few :

The multi-row necklace

Pretty model of varied superimposed chains with a golden finish, goes very well on a top or even a shirt, open or closed. We love it because it adds something extra to your outfits without falling into the bling. And with a killer neckline, the chains will come to a stop at the top of it and it's so beautiful.

The phalanx rings

Put a few on both sides of your hands and you're good to go. It is preferred that all jewelry, including rings, be the same color. However gold and rose gold go hand in hand, just as silver and black go hand in hand. Then if you want to combine silver and gold, get started! Your hands have the right to be dressed too, right?

Fishnet tights or fishnet socks

With a dress, under jeans: destroy, 7 / 8th or folded up, tights and fishnet socks are popular. For a mini price, you have yours. With open heels, some like others not: it's up to you ladies. The good weather is back and to be more stylish than ever, don’t forget your glasses as well. This model is very trendy and you will find them in pink/gold or blue/silver.

And what do you put on your head?

If you had to choose between protecting yourself from the sun and looking stylish, what would you be? You will tell me why should I choose, right? Indeed, you are right: you can be stylish and protected from the sun at the same time.

The cap

In addition to protecting you from the sun, it makes you look stylish right through to your head. It brings an extra touch to your look and will give you a streetwear or sportswear chic side, depending on the outfit. And even in a jersey dress or skirt, the cap has its place on your head. In green, black, or even pink, you have the choice between multiple colors.

The beret

This French fashion classic is making a comeback. It will bring a classy side to your outfits. Even if we usually take it out in the fall or winter, habits sometimes change and we like to shake them up. Ideal with a trench coat or blazer.

The straw hat

Announcing good weather, the woven paper straw hat will elegantly sit on your heads. With lace or embroidery, a skirt, or a long dress it gives a bohemian look and that we validate.

Never without my bag!

Does it seem that a woman never goes out without her bag? Here are 3 that are ultra-trendy.

The fanny pack

It has a new look around our sizes like the old fashioned way or worn over the shoulder more eccentrically, we immediately adopt the fanny. Do you follow us?

The backpack

Say goodbye to the backpack we wore in elementary school. It might look like it, but we're talking about a pretty bag, micro or maxi, that will instantly make you stylish. In leather, canvas, fabric, or cotton, never go out without your bag. Globetrotteuse or a little trip to town, there is something for everyone.

Tote bag

Here's a favorite regardless of the season. Whether it is to carry your lunch to work, to go to sport, or to go shopping on Saturday, the tote bag is an ultra-practical accessory. Besides, it gives you a relaxed style. You surely have plenty of them lying around the house.

Excellent for storing your personal belongings and, if you don't want the typical tote bag offered as goodies following an event or a conference, you will easily find more original and trendy versions. There is something for everyone, so go get yours.

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