5 Sustainable Alternatives to Help You Ditch Single-Use Cotton Pads

Adapt at zero waste or simply tired of throwing away an astronomical quantity of make-up removing discs every day, know that there are many solutions. Zero-waste is coming to our bathroom to the delight of clean beauty enthusiasts. Discover 5 tips to know to replace cotton pads.

Why replace cotton pads?

Between makeup removal, lotion, or varnish, a woman uses an average of 6 pieces of cotton per day, or 2190 pieces of cotton per year! Add to that the astronomical quantity of cotton produced: 860 kg of cotton are produced per second in the world, therefore 27 million tonnes per year. What to have vertigo!

Succumb to the zero-waste trend which is gradually changing our way of life, from the kitchen to the living room including the bathroom. Shampoo or solid toothpaste, bamboo toothbrush, and finally reusable make-up removing wipes, today there are many alternatives to our favorite products that often end their life in the trash, sometimes without being able to be recycled.

Then discover 5 tips from the editor to replace your traditional makeup removal pads!

1. The double cleansing method

We have already been talking to you about it for a long time: not only will double cleansing become your skin's best ally, but as a bonus, it will considerably reduce the number of pieces of cotton used per day!

As a reminder, double cleansing is an ancestral technique used by Japanese women to display perfect skin and a radiant complexion day after day. The first step in a more complete ritual called layering, the double cleansing first of all consists of detoxifying and removing the impurities accumulated during the day, before cleaning and treating a specific problem.

We then favor a cleansing oil followed by a cleansing gel or milk. Thanks to this technique which allows you to fall into the arms of Morphee while displaying perfectly cleansed and purified skin, you can considerably reduce your consumption of daily make-up removal discs! All you have to do is use natural products that are good for your skin on your finger: even the most waterproof makeup cannot resist!

2. The eco-friendly Reusable cotton pads

But what about the rest of your beauty routine? Whether you are a fan of lotions, essences, or even cleansing milk, cotton is sometimes essential. Rather than going without it for good, opt for machine-washable cotton pads.

Ideal for going on vacation or simply placed in a corner of your bathroom, reusable cotton pads are now making the fortune of many brands committed to zero waste. Often packaged in pretty colorful cases, they come in all sizes and colors. We love the softness of these cotton pads that do not attack the skin coupled with an ethical and ecological commitment.

Lamazuna make-up removing wipes

3. The DIY washable wipes

And why not let your talents as seamstresses, or rather MacGyver, speak to make your reusable cotton pads?

If you are new to this and are not sure if you want to take the plunge, just cut out a microfiber wipe to the correct size.

If you are comfortable in sewing or the DIY expert, bring a terry cloth or bamboo, softer cotton fabric, and the usual paraphernalia (thread, scissors, pencil, pins, and rules). For the rest, follow the guide: Home Sweet Ambre shows you how to make your makeup removing wipes at home in a few super-quick steps. Customize your reusable cotton pads endlessly with this DIY technique!

4. Skincare and makeup sponges!

We often have bad memories of the sponges from our childhood that we borrowed from grandma. Today sea sponges are making a big comeback! Natural, soft, they have the advantage of drying extremely quickly and make your life easier.

But these are not the only ones to take center stage: succumb to the virtues of the Konjac sponge. Combination, sensitive or oily skin, you will quickly find sponge on your skin. Not only does it allow you to gently cleanse your skin without attacking it, but it is sufficient on its own. Goodbye to the dozens of cotton pads littering your trash today.

The Konjac Sponge Co Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge

5. Forget The classic nail polish remover

We grant you, to remove the nail polish, we forget the reusable cotton pads, unless you want to throw them directly in the trash (interest 0).

Opt for an effective and good alternative for your nails: lemon juice. Of course, you will have to be patient and use a good elbow grease before you can completely eradicate your varnish.

If you can't say goodbye to nail polish remover, prefer it in a bath. Efficient and quick, you won't need to use disposable cotton pads.

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

And you, do you have any tips for replacing makeup removing discs? What do you think of these?

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