These Comfortable Lingerie pieces are this Season's Trend

What are these lingerie accessories on which to bet? From silicone nipple covers to open-back bra and anti-friction shorties, here are the essentials that we should all have in our drawers.

Even before putting on your day or evening outfit, a crucial step is necessary for us, that of the choice of underwear. What to wear with an open back? Which bra to wear the plunging neckline? What lingerie tips when it's hot?

So many small problems that each has an appropriate solution. In the din of lingerie accessories, what are these must-have essentials in your collection? Here is the practical guide to the game-changing little accessories.

Bra tips you should know

There are many alternatives to the classic bra. The key is knowing how to choose them and adapt them to your needs.

1. The adhesive bra

They come in various shapes, either with a cord on the front that is tightened for a push-up effect or with adhesive strips on the sides for more support. It is the ideal model to wear a halter top without fear of the sudden appearance of a bra strap.

2. Nipple covers

Perfect for those with small breasts who would simply like to hide their breasts under a transparent or tight outfit. The lingerie brands have reacted well to the craze aroused by these small accessories and have extended their range of shades so that every woman can enjoy them whatever her skin tone.

3. The high-cut bra

Wearing the plunging neckline is no longer risky with the low-cut bra that follows the shape of your neckline. At Wonderbra, there are more or less plunging models, with removable straps to blend seamlessly under your clothes.

The bodysuit is not only part of the lingerie trends of the moment, but it is also very practical and ingenious when it comes to wearing a dress or a halter top. We choose it in lace or modal with a deep indentation at the back.

Generous breasts will opt for a model with cups as well as wide straps to provide support while small breasts can wear triangle or bustier models.

4. The silk camisole

Ideal to slip under a cardigan that is left unbuttoned or under a low-cut men's shirt. We opt for a pastel-colored model with lace details and we fully assume the apparent lingerie effect!

Lingerie accessories to have

1. Fashion tape or scotch for clothes

The fashion tape is perfect for lifting your chest without even wearing a bra. Ideal with a plunging and indented neckline, the tape is applied from top to bottom, on the outside of the chest to subtly enhance it.

Another accessory, the tape for clothes to avoid any small accident in the event of a gust of wind. Stick a small piece of double-sided tape under your garment on each side of the neckline and avoid applying moisturizer or oil to the skin to be sure that the adhesive tape stays in place.

2. The Invisible strap

Accessory more practical than aesthetic, the bottom of the dress must pass incognito under the clothes. We choose the color closest to his skin and we take it out as soon as we wear a dress with somewhat transparent fabric. You can also play with the material of the bottom of the dress and opt for a sheathing fabric that will enhance the curves.

3. The special backless band

Perfect for those who want to wear the open back while keeping their chest in place. The band attaches to any bra and wraps around the back to lower her bra a few inches.

For those who would like to invest in a personalized model of the open back bra, go to Back to Glam which offers personalized sessions to find the backless bra perfectly suited to your breast (from cup A to F).

4. The anti-friction Spanx

To slip under a skirt or a dress, to avoid irritation of the thighs! Anti-chafing strips are also a good alternative to shorties, which can keep you warm during the summer season.

5. Silicone push-up

Small breasts who would like a push-up effect without going through the padded bra box, which is often uncomfortable to wear, can turn to the silicone cups to slip into her triangle or half cup bra to enhance her breasts.

You are now ready to face any fashion challenge, with the right lingerie accessories!

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