The 5 Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Certain plants can be used as decoration as well as being beneficial for our health, our well-being and to purify our interior space. Do you feel the need to clean the air in your home or reduce your stress? Let yourself be seduced by biophilia. Purifying and depolluting, discover 5 plants with natural benefits as well as some maintenance tips!

1 Aloe Vera, the "pharmacy" plant at your fingertips

Used and recognized since Antiquity for its many virtues for the skin and health, Aloe Vera is one of the most important plants in popular medicine.

This plant, composed of 99% water, contains in its pulp multiple nutrients such as lipids, amino acids, minerals as well as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12.

You will understand, Aloe Vera is an ideal plant for our health thanks to its rich composition!

It speeds up the healing process in the event of a burn, insect bite, or even a superficial, shallow scar.

Do you suffer from digestive problems? Know that Aloe Vera rebalances the intestinal flora and is effective against heartburn and gastric acidity. It soothes and stimulates transit.

We still advise you to consume it in moderation! Indeed, overconsumption of Aloe Vera can have a laxative effect.

This plant is easily surrounded by small cacti and succulents, to create an exotic green space.

It is easy to maintain because it requires a lot of light, little watering, and a temperature above 5 ° C. Perfect for decorating your windowsills, your kitchen, or your living room!

2 Boston Fern, the plant to clean up your interior

If you ask us for our favorite houseplant, we will answer Boston Fern!

As pretty as it is a benefactor, the Boston Fern is recognized for its anti-pollution properties. It is the plant that filters and absorbs the best xylene and formaldehyde, a carcinogenic substance for humans that is found in particular in carpet glue, resins, cigarette smoke, certain paints, and wallpapers, etc...

The Boston Fern is recognized as one of the best air purifiers since it absorbs pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

This plant lives a long time as long as you take care of it. To do this, consider placing it in a bright place without being too exposed to the sun. It is easy to maintain since half a glass of water per week is more than enough.

It is the ideal plant for beginners in gardening.

3 Mint, the houseplant "partner" of your health

There is nothing nicer than growing your herbs! It is even ideal for concocting good meals.

Mint, in addition to enhancing some of your dishes, is a plant with multiple benefits for our health and our daily well-being.

With its high concentration of iron and vitamin C, Mint has digestive properties. Indeed, it soothes the stomach and reduces gastric reflux.

Besides, these aromatics perfectly relieves joint pain, wounds, and insect bites. A real painkiller!

Mint will also give a touch of color to your environment thanks to its intense and energizing green.

4 Eucalyptus, the plant with well-being properties

Well known for its respiratory properties, Eucalyptus is just as effective in cleaning up your living space by improving air quality.

Rich in essential oils, the leaves of the Eucalyptus diffuse a vegetal scent throughout the room. Feeling of well-being guaranteed!

This plant is perfect for bringing a touch of greenery to your interior, but also to deodorize the room thanks to its strong and powerful scent, without being overwhelming.

Benefactor and aesthetic, its foliage will decorate your environment wonderfully with ease and give a little garden air to your room.

A decoration idea? it is possible to compose beautiful bouquets in vintage vases. For the fragrance to diffuse better, why not place a few drooping branches like ivy on the top of your shelves in your office, or opt for a pendant lamp in your bedroom. Very trendy in biophilia.

5 The Ficus Ginseng, the plant to breathe better in its interior

In addition to being ideal for decorating your living room, Ficus Ginseng is an invigorating and revitalizing plant. It provides oxygen, perfect for breathing better at home.

The Ficus Ginseng, native to Asia, is cultivated in the form of Bonsai meaning "tree in a pot" in Japanese. Its shapes and flowers bring a feeling of fullness when contemplated.

This plant is easy to maintain even if it requires some care. Place it in natural light, without being exposed to direct UV rays from the sun as it could burn its leaves.

Similarly, remember to keep it away from drafts. The Ficus Ginseng is a bulky plant, it needs space. Do not hesitate to install it in a large pot and/or in a wicker basket to personalize your decoration.

Be sure to water only when the soil is dry because although this plant appreciates humidity, it dreads standing water.

Easy to maintain, these 5 plants with recognized benefits will appeal to people with green fingers as well as to the Sunday gardener!

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